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Viragì – Pachino Cherry Tomato Sauce IGP

Pachino Cherry Tomato Sauce exclusively from Azienda Viragì.

  • RegionSoutheast Sicily, Italy
  • DescriptionThis delicious sauce is made with a small Sicilian tomato called “pomorodino cillieggino” whose root name comes from “ciliegia”, or cherry in Italian, for its strong resemblance to the aforementioned fruit. These sun-ripened, semi-soft tomatoes impart the sauce with an intense and brilliant red colour, predominant and typical aromatic notes of the fresh tomato puree, which associate extremely well with raw extra virgin olive oil, and an extremely pleasant, slightly sweet taste. This sauce is suitable for regular use in all diets as well as suitable for young children.
  • UseNeeding little preparation time thanks to its natural sweetness, this sauce can ideally be used with all sorts of pasta. Alternatively, it can also be enjoyed on its own as a delicious soup by simply adding some fresh basil and a dash of EVOO Viragì Polifemo DOP.
  • Size330 ml (12 per box) or 660 ml (9 per box)

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Production Area

Chiaramonte Gulfi – Ragusa, Southeast Sicily, Italy


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