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SI.GI. – White Fig Jam

White Fig-flavoured Jam exclusively from Azienda Agricola SI.GI.

  • RegionCentral Marche, Italy
  • DescriptionThis jam is made from an ancient variety of figs (called the White Lady Fig) imported in the eighteenth century by a noblewoman of the town of Macerata. The extreme delicateness of the fruit is revealed in the jam’s texture and presence of soft, fleshy chunks of fig with its typical seeds as well as the jam’s light fragrance which gives way to its sweet, intense and lingering taste. 
  • Use Excellent for use with white meats and delicate and/or pungent soft blue cheese like Gorgonzola, Stilton and Roquefort. It can also be simply enjoyed on a piece of bread with butter for breakfast.
  • Size220 g

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Production Area

Macerata, Central Marche, Italy

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