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Pruneti – Saffron Small

Saffron exclusively from Azienda Agricola Pruneti.

  • RegionCentral Tuscany, Italy
  • DescriptionSaffron is a spice derived from the flower (“crocus sativus”) belonging to the Iridaceae family which has been cultivated since ancient times in Asia and many Mediterranean countries. The name saffron itself originates from the Latin word “safranum” (from the Arabian word “zafaran”) and it means “yellow”.  Only a small part of the crocus sativus flower – the three red stigmas around 3 cm long which stand out in the middle of the purple flower – is intended for culinary purposes. In a highly-labour intensive process, the flowers are picked in the early morning so as not to damage the stigmas and immediately after the stigmas themselves, or threads, are removed and left to dry on grates in the gentle heat of selected wood embers. After being dried, the whole stigmas are packed into glass vials of 0.25 g to preserve their characteristics. Typically, about 10-15 kg of stigmas are produced per hectare with over 50 kg of flowers required to produce 1 kg of fresh stigmas. After drying, 1 kg of fresh stigmas is reduced to about 200 g providing an indication of the preciousness of this storied spice.
  • UseThis saffron can be used to add wonderful aroma and flavor to a number of classic Mediterranean dishes including risotto alla Milanese, Spanish paella, and French bouillabaise. It can also be used in baking bread, included in tomato sauces, or simply added to water when making rice to give the final dish an unparalleled fragrance.
  • Size0.25 g (1 vial of 0.25 g – a vial contains enough saffron to prepare a dish for 6-8 people)

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Production Area

San Polo in Chianti – Chianti Classico, Central Tuscany, Italy

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