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La Nicchia – Muscat of Alexandria Grape (Uva di Zibibbo) Jelly

Muscat of Alexandria Grape (Uva di Zibibbo) Jelly exclusively from La Nicchia.

  • RegionIsland of Pantelleria,Italy
  • DescriptionThis honey-like sweet jelly is made from a white grape called Muscat of Alexandria (or Uva di Zibibbo) which grows endemically on the Mediterranean island of Pantelleria, which is home to some of Europe’s most southerly vineyards (only those in Crete and Cyprus lies closer to the equator). Cooked slowly until it reaches a gelatin-like consistency, the grapes yield a jelly that has been described as “honey of the grapes” which continues to be used traditionally by local women in the preparation of Christmas sweets called “mustaccioli” which are unique to the island. The grapes are also used to make Moscato di Pantelleria a DOC sweet dessert which is more or less like French Sauterne wines.
  • UseThis delicious jelly goes well with soft, young or mature cheeses as well as sharp cheeses. It is also delicious as a topping on plain yogurt, vanilla ice cream, and on either cereal or bread and butter for breakfast.
  • Size 140 g

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Production Area

The Island of Pantelleria, Southwest of Sicily, Italy

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