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Il Borgo Del Balsamico – Condimento Satin DOP (Special Cylinder Box)

Condimento exclusively from Il Borgo del Balsamico presented in a special Satin Cylinder Box (comes in case containing 6 cylinder boxes).

  • RegionNorthwest Emilia Romagna, Italy
  • Description¬†This condimento undergoes a slightly longer ageing process time than the others (about 8 years) and is made from cooked grape must, which is then mellowed for several years in small caskets made of different types of wood. This condimento is appropriately named as its exemplary organoleptic properties lend it a satin-smooth appearance and velvety taste. Its rounded nose, almost creamy consistency, and well-balanced sour-sweet taste make this condimento a more refined version of the Red Label Condimento. This product comes beautifully presented in a unique satin-coloured box containing either an elegant 250 ml glass bottle or a smaller, delicate hand-blown glass bottle of 130 ml making it the ideal gift for that favorite foodie fried or loved one (note this item can only be purchased in a case containing 6 satin cylinder boxed bottles).
  • Use¬†It is highly recommended to pair this product with soft and seasoned cheeses, raw and cooked shellfish, fresh fruit and ice creams.
  • Size6 x 250 ml or 6 x 130 ml
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Reggio Emilia, Northwest Emilia Romagna, Italy


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