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Acetaia Fiorini – Cru “Podere Fornace” IGP

Balsamic Vinegar exclusively from Acetaia Fiorini.

  • RegionCentral Emilia Romagna, Italy
  • DescriptionThis vinegar’s identity is expressed through its production process which involves combining the concentrated must from two varieties of grapes (70% Lambrusco Salamino, 30% Trebbiano) and a small percentage of wine vinegar (10%) and allowing the mixture to age in oak barrels for more than 5 years. This process enhances its organoleptic characteristics yielding a balsamic vinegar with a dark and deep yet brilliant brown colour, a complex and penetrating bouquet with a pleasant acidity, and a well-balanced sweet and sour taste.
  • UseIdeal as a dressing on raw vegetables and salads, grilled white meats (such as chicken and pork), and egg dishes. It is also particularly excellent on Zabbione egg cream dessert.
  • Size250 ml

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Production Area

Comune di Savignano sul Panaro – Modena, Central Emilia Romagna, Italy


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